It’s finally happened – I’m officially old.

I went to the store Saturday and picked up a few items for breakfast Sunday. Top of the prize pile was a container of cornbread cakes shaped like discs. I love those things.

This morning, with my glasses on (didn’t have them in the store) I realized I’d bought a package of shortcakes. Without strawberries to put on them they’re kind of bland. Chucked them in the trash.

But I still had plasma to consume to make it better. I had a large cup of coffee instead. That went well until I realized I’d just poured Egg Beaters into the mug instead of half and half. Not really, but without the specs it’s a risk we’ll need to examine in detail.

And to think I was amused by stories of people brushing their teeth with Preparation H. Now I know how it happens.

The picture below is for my friend Steve. Steve still needs your prayers. And when he escapes from the hospital I promise him a meal that looks just like this. Please make an effort to pray for Steve and Holly every time you get a break on Monday. And for the rest of the week. Yes, he needs serious prayer warriors in his camp. I’ve been praying all day for him. Heck, even threw a few skyward when I woke up in the middle of the night. Please join me in that effort. There’s thousands of you reading this blog now and I am counting on you. Thanks in advance.

Extra bacon, Steve! I promise.

No such thing as “too much bacon” when it’s breakfast time. Or lunch time. Or… well, it’s just not possible. This meal may even be bacon deficient.

Keyword bingo: Botox! (Remember, the keyword bingo entry for these posts is simply a traffic tool, nothing to do with the subject at hand.)

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