Upon this rock…

 Jesus used Peter to found the church. I as privileged to make my trip to Haiti with a man named Peter as well. He didn’t sling a sword and cut off any ears, but he was a rock to build a foundation on if you took the time to know him.

Peter is a man of substance who gave his heart to Haiti. He is the quiet one of the group, the one who does his heavy thinking while doing the heavy lifting. The picture below is a good one of him. I’d often catch him in the “down” moments just writing in his journal or giving quiet thought to something a little way off from the group. I cannot know a man’s thoughts, but it seemed that Haiti had a larger impact on him than anyone else in the group. 


Each night we’d spend time in a group we called “sharing.” I personally was glad when Peter went last (or, hopefully, after I went) because he is learned in scripture and so Christ focused that I felt like a 12 year old nitwit without a clue by comparison. I’m a snob and a pseudo intellectual in many ways. No shame about it, I work against it, but it keeps cropping up. I’m often the smartest one in the room – just ask me. But each night Peter would read his “word of the day” and then give a 5-10 minute explanation that would make 95% of the pastors and priests I’ve ever heard speak look like new kids fresh from seminary.

His heart brimmed with love. His eyes saw what we had but instead of random snapshots throughout the day he had recorded it all and played the movie for us, using our hearts as his screens. I was stunned and in love with the brilliance of what he gave of himself. I wasn’t jealous but I pray that God will give me a gift of clarity like he has Peter. A gift of love and understanding through the lens of the Holy Spirit. I thank Peter for five of the most profound insights rendered on our trip to Haiti. That would be all five nights where we shared our thoughts. I know that Peter will continue to inspire me. I’m counting on it. He’s that kind of rock. Who is your Peter? Have you acknowledged them and their importance in your life? Will you strive to be more like them in the future?

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