Do any of you have John Walsh’s phone number?

I’ve been trying to get a decent picture of Stormy for a week. Every time the phone or tablet comes out she averts her face and heads into the darkest part of the room. I’m thinking about calling John Walsh and getting the low down on why my dog is a fugitive. I’m sure that there is an un-aired episode of America’s Most Wanted that prominently features this creature.

the best I could do

This picture is representative of my recent efforts. One sniff of a picture and she’s history.

And that’s too bad. She’s a beautiful creature. And now, as of last night, she’s her own creature.

It’s been 2 months to the day since my Maisie died. During the first month I mourned her heavily. The second month was spent learning to see Stormy as her own dog, not just a dog who had so much in common with Maisie.

As I tried to fall asleep last night God reached down and lifted that burden from my heart. I understood that I needed time to heal from such a deep wound and that now that time was over. It was time to love this new girl with my whole heart.

This morning when I came down the stairs there was a new outlook toward the little dog on the landing. It was Stormy. Not just a dog, not just a Sheltie, but my girlfriend. A unique and wonderful girl who is starting to open up her heart as well. Perhaps that’s why two months had to pass. She needed time to trust and I needed time to let go.

Now if she’d just pose for a picture…

Is there some hole in your heart that still needs mending? What are you doing to expedite the healing process? And do you have John Walsh’s phone number?

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