My Finest Audio Books Are Now Available #Matt Zullo

Over the last decade I’ve done almost 30 audio books. Some are simply wonderful, a couple are good but bland, but all were interesting and engaged me as a narrator for some reason or another.

Now I can present the “heart” audio books that tell the tale of my tribe. My people, Cryptologic Technicians, descend from THE ON-THE-ROOF GANG who are brilliantly depicted in this pair of historical novels written by Matt Zullo, a fellow linguist. 

Matt and I were at language school at the same time, but I didn’t know him as a friend. We were in different languages and only overlapped for a short period of time. Years later we teamed up to do this audio book, and I’ve got to say it’s my best yet. Largely because I loved telling the story of my people, my spook ancestors. 

Both volume one and volume two are now available on Audible. 

If you click the pictures below, they will take you to Volume I and Volume II respectively.  You will find 20 hours of fascinating history and the true story of how radio intelligence won the battles of WWII before they happened on the field of conquest. I am very proud of these, and encourage you to listen and review them!



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