Nicholas Of Haiti Only .99 For One Week

The worst part about writing a great book is if it falls into obscurity before it can soar. Nicholas of Haiti is one of those books. 5* ratings from every review, people love it, and it’s a great story. But it just never took off.

Now you have the chance to fix that injustice. Less than a buck. So, download it and give it a read. ALL profits go to fund an academy for deaf children in Haiti. I don’t make a penny on the book sales, only the audio book. Which, I might add is fabulous. 

So, do me a favor: go buy the book at this link. Share this sale with your friends on social media. What a deal  that it’s on sale for a week at under a dollar. Check back here Friday for more books under a dollar. Yes, it’s part of a consortium of independently published authors that are promoting each other’s books this week. 

I thank you in advance. So do the kids at the school. You will enjoy the read!


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