Dear Fake News: You Can All Shut Up Right After You Apologize To The President.

For the past two years I have been remarkably taciturn about my contempt for the lying weasels that comprise the Fake News industry, and their co-conspirators in the Democrat party. I have, in large part, laid out no comment about the vile lies and smears they have levied on President Donald Trump.

Now, with the release of the Mueller (and why this name isn’t pronounced Mewler is beyond me) report, I have a few choice words for a gigantic percentage of the working press, and for those “Never Trumpers” who deny the fact that he was elected President of the United States in 2016, and currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.:

Get over it. Apologize for your insane attempt to bring down a sitting President. Find something useful to do with your lives.

My, but that felt good.

The simple fact is that they won’t quit. But here’s where my brilliant skills as an analyst come in handy. So, are you ready?

If I accused you of molesting children, and encouraging others to do so, while pilfering from coin boxes at McDonalds, how innocent do you have to be before you get really angry and punch me in the face?

I would think immediately if you are innocent. But now I’ve raised the standard to you having to prove you are innocent. Consequently, I hire some investigators, each of whom despises you for some reason, and send them out to audit the coin boxes at every McDonalds in the world. They must conclusively prove that you didn’t take any money from the boxes meant to fund the Ronald McDonald house in your area. As to the child molestation charge, they are required to speak to every child that has ever been molested and make sure you weren’t involved. Moreover, they have to definitively prove nobody you ever met, or corresponded with, or worked with, had molested a child, or stood mutely while someone they knew did so – even if they were unaware of it.

That’s the level of idiocy that has been thrown out as what the President needs to do to placate the left/press (but, I repeat myself) in this country. You can’t prove your innocence when such a wide, and bizarre, conspiracy has been accused. The argument will always be that there must have been some coins unaccounted for, and that you stole them. Or that child molestation goes under-reported, and you probably were involved in those cases.

The same thing has happened with this “Russian collusion” fantasy the left has inflicted upon us. For starters, there is no crime known as collusion. Secondly, Mueller has definitively told the world that there was no conspiracy with the Russians to influence the 2016 election involving any American.

End of story. Obstruction of justice you say? Well, the same Rod Rosenstein the left has held up as an icon has signed off that there was none. You see, it’s mighty hard to obstruct justice when the whole thing is a travesty of justice.

It is tragic that we, as a nation, have wasted two years of our lives on this crap. People’s lives, fortunes, and marriages have been destroyed by this witch hunt.

Oh, before you ask, I have read the Barr summary. I will read the Mueller report when it is released. I fully expect there to be large sections redacted to protect national security issues, and to protect the integrity of the 6e (grand jury) information. That’s fine: that’s how it should be in a world that has not gone mad.

Me? I’ll be smiling wide for the next few days while this all rolls out. You see, I fully support the President. He’s a cad, he’s crude, he’s a taunting-jerk sometimes. But I like having a winner on the track, and that’s Donald Trump.

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