The #PinkDeathmobile Is Coming On Time Today.

I ride the bus on the way home from work. Walk to work, ride home. At the end of the day I’m out of gas. In my area, I can catch a lot of different busses with just a 15 minute walk.

I was strongly tempted to do so recently when a bus pulled up at my stop. It was covered in logos and advertising for the local death merchants. You know, the ones who plan to rip living beings out of their mothers. I won’t name their name, but they do some contraceptive work to make their eugenics more palatable to the gullible.

The reality is, they kill babies. If you donate money to “help prevent teen pregnancy” you are funding abortions. They just move money from pot to pot so that they can keep the carnage flowing. The government even gives them money to kill babies. I’m not good with that at all.

So instead of the cheery pictures of birth control devices and the cheeky message, I’d like to propose the look of the bus if they used truth in advertising:

If they were honest.

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On the other hand, if you just changed a few things, and gave space to a group that is the oldest civil rights advocate in the nation, I’m sure the metro transit walla’s would never accept it, as it involves weapons and violence in their misguided world view. Yet the NRA has never killed a single baby. All they’ve done is train people in responsible gun use and protect your civil rights. You will never see this one:

We teach responsible gun handling.

So why is killing babies okay to fund, yet they don’t list that on their bus? Oh, it doesn’t fit the agenda. But if you brought an NRA logo bus to the line, there’d be protest in the streets about mass shootings, gun nuts, antiquated something-or-another, George Washington didn’t own an AR-15 (He actually had a better set of weapons in his era, but let’s not talk about that…) etc.

It’s all about optics, progressive and unelected governing bodies (The Met Council is appointed) and how they let us proles deal with life: only on their terms.

Climb aboard subjects, your overlords have a message for you.

I hate the rules of this nation. Nobody should be without an election in an office of power. No third terms for anyone in anything. You are our employees, not our rulers.

Maybe that’s why I like Donald Trump: he knows he’s just a temporary employee of the people. They should all remember that fact. Especially the ones letting the Grim Reaper pick the color schemes for the bus.

Next time, I’m walking. I hope you walk away as well. If nobody rides the Pink Deathmobile, maybe they’ll get the message.

(Final note: if they put a picture of a 21 week old baby on the bus, and write “This one’s still fair game for the vacuum!” I might change my mind. Evil loses its power when the sun shines.)

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