I Like Dogs. A Lot. Especially #Stormy. (Let’s See How Many Hits That Causes On Twitter With The Haters)

Let’s start off with the dog photo of #Stormy the #Rescue #Sheltie: (I love hashtags in text, dont’ you?)

(Bonus – you got Santa as well.)

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You’re wondering what I’m up to with this, I’ll bet. It’s simple: I’ve given up on social commentary for the moment. The press, and the Mueller Inquisition have abandoned all pretense of fairness, it’s a full-out witch hunt, and I have been agreeing with Kanye West on Twitter. Yes, it is End Times.

How do I deal with the End Times? I watch animal videos on Instagram and Facebook. I have, quite wisely in my opinion, joined several groups that favor Shelties, Herding Shelties, and Great Danes on both platforms. I have/do owned and caroused with both breeds throughout my life, and find them endlessly amusing. Both breeds prove that God hard-wired certain traits in the genetic code, as they do the same crazy stuff across the globe.

I can spend an hour watching Great Danes rip garden edging out and parade around with their trophies. Shelties herding ducks is even more amusing. But the chaos of hidden cameras when they think the rest of the family can’t see them is beyond description.

Now, like great liquor, not all of it is available to the general public. As an example, I once had a couple of bottles of someone’s private reserve 10 year-old Kentucky Bourbon placed in my sweaty palms. You can pretty much dump anything else you’ve ever consumed as sewer water in comparison. Same goes for these videos: the truly great ones are shared only among owners/fanciers of the breed.

But I provide two examples of the kind of thing that help me keep my head from exploding so that you can understand why they beat listening to Rachel Maddow thump her tail about Sean Hannity’s real estate holdings. (I apologize if that image in your mind requires brain bleach.)

Great Dane’s first:

Now, the smaller set gets their time with a Sheltie Video:

To answer the man’s question, are you sorry? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NEVER! No actual guilt, just chagrin at being caught.

Much like me. Now, go watch some dog videos and ignore the television. You’ll live longer.

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