One Decade Seems Very Short In Eternity, Really Long Around Here

Ten years have passed since my father died. Lest anyone forget his name, it is Oliver Joseph Courtemanche, Junior. He was never a “junior” in my world, he was always him.

In the ten years that have gone by, a lot of things have taken place that he can only view from Heaven. The list is significant:

He has a new granddaughter, Jane. She’s a bright, sweet girl with more than a touch of him in her makeup.

His wife continues to love him. She’s not moved on, but has moved into a new phase of her life. She travels, plays cards, does yoga, and house-sits dogs for neighbors. All-in-all, I think she’d give it all up to have him back.

All of his children are now in their 50’s. None of them were at the time he died.

We have seen the presidency change over twice since he died.

We have been at war constantly in those ten years.

His oldest son is now a published author, and his youngest is a college professor. The other two are successful in their fields. None of us is in prison. (See, Mom, I told you I was behaving!)

All of the families have changed domestic pets. None that he knew are still with us.

The internet plays a much bigger role in our lives.

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Most of all, during the past ten years, while we continue on without him, he’s at the side of God.

For those of you without strong religious beliefs, the next few lines may be a surprise. But I will proclaim them in full confidence of their truth.

My dad, for whatever his faults were, was a man of faith. He firmly believed in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

I am a man of faith, I firmly believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

I am sad for my mom and siblings, as I know they feel the loss of my father deeply.

I do not mourn my father, as I am sure he is in Heaven. There is no pain, no emphysema, no ruptured blood vessel, no illness in that place. Only glory and bliss.

My father’s final words were, “I think I see Jesus.”

He saw where he was going. I know I will meet him there someday.

Good enough for me. You see, that ten years has kind of dragged on this planet, but in Heaven it is an eye-blink.

Dad, we’ll be there before we know it. And since that’s the literal truth, we’d better all prepare now. I’ll introduce you when we all get there.

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