Bad Dog. No Press Briefing For You.

I love the fact that I can watch the White House press briefing on the internet. It gives me an opportunity to work on my language skills and fully appreciate just how smart my dog, Stormy, really is. Because, after careful evaluation, she’s a lot smarter, kinder, and more gracious than the trolls in that little room that Sarah Sanders has to face every day. I also like the fact that I can see these pompous, strutting twits without a filter. Otherwise, they cut the sound and images to mean what they want them to mean, and create a lie from the reality.

Stormy is smarter than most White House Reporters.

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Monday, as I watched, I marveled at their complete lack of understanding of the English language. They asked questions, or more accurately made statements couched as questions, regarding:

How wonderful the nuclear arsenal of North Korea was to the people of North Korea, and why would their government consider getting rid of their nuclear weapons just because President Trump asked them to do so.

Why can’t President Trump just issue orders and remove all bad bang sticks (we call them, “guns” at my house) from “icky people” who belong to the NRA. Sarah, much to her credit, explained how a constitutional republic does business, instead of just having her helpers use Tazers on the individuals involved.

Why would the President go to California on Tuesday. They didn’t vote for him. (I can’t make this stuff up. Much as I’d like to see Saint Andreas take the whole rim (except Monterey) right into the Pacific, they are still a part of the United States, and at least a few people want that to remain so.)

Why doesn’t the President just outlaw bad guns, and make everyone wait until they’re 21 to get them.

The wall is bad. Some people say so, so President Trump is going to look at prototypes? Is he going to pick the best one? (I cannot adequately convey the shocked tone of that particular imbecile.) I would (because Sara didn’t) point out to them that Donald Trump has some experience in building things, and may actually be fully qualified to judge the merits of the designs based on the information at hand.

Guns are bad. Why does the President chicken out to the NRA?

Rinse and repeat.

As usual, after the third time some idiot asked the same question, she ended the press conference. You don’t have to be an intelligence analyst to pick out that pattern.

Mind, I have my own lens when viewing these clown-shows, but I’m open about it.

I have come to despise the press. Very few genuine reporters left, lots of snowflakes with attitudes.

Oh, what I’d give for a Presidential venue where he could get his side out without the nitwits…

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Bad Dog. No Press Briefing For You. — 2 Comments

  1. Joe,
    Great commentary as usual.
    Regarding “fake news” — I am strangely baffled by people who trust the news media or assume journalists possess even a shred of objectivity or integrity. I suppose this mythology arose during WWII and shortly after when journalism possessed many independent voices, small town newspapers were still relevant and journalists had established themselves as good guys looking our for the little guy during the early labor union movement and in WWII combat zones. But haven’t people ever heard of the term “yellow journalism?” Fake news is as old as the oldest cave paintings (those mastodons won a few rounds with those primitive hunters but they never show that). Media outlets are owned by a handful of cash-and-power hungry global corporations, journalists are now “media celebrities” who dance to the beat of their paymasters, and independent, contrarian voices are now even being banished from Facebook and Twitter. News began to die when CNN turned it into 24 hours a day entertainment over 25 years ago. I spent many years working in the murky world of Information operations for the DoD (it used to be called “Psychological Operations”). My experience there convinced me that all news is fake news. It’s just that some is more fake than others. That’s not cynicism, it’s discernment.