Can Someone Please Explain Jihad To Geraldo Rivera.

On October 31, 2017, there was another Jihadist attack on New York. This time it was an Uzbeki on a quest to meet virgins and dispatch the Great Satan. The usual morons paraded out and warned us to quit being Islamophobic. The head moron, in my viewing, was Geraldo Rivera. I had to turn the television off when he started a branch of his argument with, “I’m a war correspondent!”

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Uh, no. You’re a moron who tried to turn an empty safe into a new career. You’re a guy who got chucked out of the combat zone for disclosing troop positions on live television. You’re an incessant loudmouth who tries to shout his way out of almost every argument I’ve ever seen you engage in on television.

In short, you’re the obnoxious twit on the barstool next to me with all of the answers. Everyone knows I’ve got them, so why are you wasting my time.

Seriously, Geraldo, Shut Up! If you and Shepard Smith had a race to the bottom of the intellectual barrel, and set the single rule as letting emotion rule over fact – oh – – – Sorry, that is what you do. I apologize for not fully recognizing it at first.

My betters in the media are out of time. I routinely turned off the tube when Alan Colmes came on. I now hit the mute button every time Juan Williams takes a cleansing breath and opens his mouth more than 1/4 of an inch. I watch MSNBC & CNN only to elevate my blood pressure enough to blow the plaque out of my circulatory system.

I’m not asking that Kurt Schlichter and Tyrus be the only people on television. But it’s getting there fast.

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