Did I mention we’ve got a daughter?

Let me tell you a tale. Several tales. My wife and I dont’ believe in coincidences. My friend Tracy Griffin calles them “Godincidences” and I think I’ll just keep on stealing that expression. I do voice over work for radio … Continue reading

Mental health problems are hard to ignore.

This will be one of those posts where experts will poo-poo my amateur approach and those suffering themselves, or with loved ones who suffer, taking note of my writing and shedding a tear. Whether or not you are willing to … Continue reading

Father Christmas cheered by army of child slaves upon arrival in Haiti’s worst slum.

On February 9th I had the honor of addressing our meeting of the North Star Santas. My topic was ethics and professional responsibility. I delivered a very serious address about our need, as a group, to guard against pedophiles and … Continue reading

Guest post – Not a CO-incidence, a GOD-incidence! (updated, broken link)

I regularly get encouragement and stories from friends and associates. This one is from the esteemed Tracy Griffin, long time friend and fine person. I asked if she’d guest blog it for me. She kindly agreed. Please enjoy. – * … Continue reading