Annabelle by Kathy Kexel

Kathy brings us our first free flash fiction COVID-19 story of the week with Annabelle. Jump over to her blog and take a read – this link ought to do it!     As always, we thank you for dropping … Continue reading

What Wednesday Wrought: Derek Alan Elkins and “Them Ole Pandemic Apocalypse Blues”

I don’t know what to say except that long periods of captivity start to cause a certain imbalance in the frontal lobes. Derek, evidently, has been alone for a very long time in his basement. Today he combines Mad Max … Continue reading

Now That’s Scary. Robert Cely Is At His Best.

The Scarlet QueenToday’s tale is the stuff authors dream about: well written!  Robert Cely grabs you and introduces you to “The Scarlet Queen” in a manner you won’t forget.          In the meantime, a plug for the … Continue reading

Kim Jong Un May Be Dead, But Jamie Greening Is Still Writing. “Let’s Do It”

Today he’s written a new story for us entitled “Let’s Do It” – and I think we should by clicking on this link. He is one of my oldest writing friends and he’s featured today. He’s the moral and ethical … Continue reading