After 42 Years, I Went Back To The Law Enforcement Academy And Graduated Again. This Time As A Citizen.

In 1980 I graduated from the Police Academy in Farmington, New Mexico. I was first academically, last overall – I may have been the worst runner they’d ever had grace the joint and, frankly, I annoyed the Lieutenant in charge … Continue reading

Blue Lives, And Your Help, Matter.

First, don’t get all crazy and nuts because I didn’t say the politically correct thing. I said the right thing. Read the story and you’ll get my point. I’m writing this in regard to a Facebook post this week. The … Continue reading

It’s not just a team, it’s a family.

Our mission to Haiti consisted of 14 people from all walks of life who met through our mutual listenership at KTIS radio. That’s a pretty tenuous link. It’s really thin when you’re headed to one of the poorest places in … Continue reading