Mary Poppins Is A Classic You Need To Revisit

This past weekend my wife and I took the time to go and see Mary Poppins Returns. When I first saw the trailer, I was deeply saddened: too many badly done remakes already. I was sure they would ruin one … Continue reading

It’s going to snow again.

For those of you outside of Minnesota it is rumored that we have only two seasons: Winter and road construction. That appears to be a distinct possibility this year. The most recent weather forecast on television tonight talked about snow … Continue reading

So, that money’s burning a hole in your pocket? Well, I can help.

Let’s get right to the nub. This is a pitch for funds for a worthy cause. ┬áHere’s the link, just specify “Clive Welsh & radio tower” in the subject line: Lighthouse Radio Donations Now that the obvious is out of … Continue reading