29 Years For These Heroes – Ranger 12**UPDATED 1609 CENTRAL**

This is a short tribute – next year will be amped up for the 30th anniversary. Today I merely present two new pictures that were sent to me this past year. If you’re curious about what happened, click this link … Continue reading

Bangles On The Radio, Reagan In The White House, Memorial Services Back Home.

In 1987 The Bangles were capturing the airways of the world with their music. Ronald Reagan was in the White House winning the battle for the soul of the human race and crushing the Soviets, and the crew of Ranger … Continue reading

Thanksgiving a quarter century ago.

This morning dawned with a wonderful warm November morning greeting my bleary eyes. It’s almost 50 degrees and I’m safe in my home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 25 years ago today I was at sea on the U.S.S. Coral Sea … Continue reading