How Do You Shred A Man Card?

I need to know pretty soon, because the howling for me to turn mine in will reach a crescendo very soon. Possibly today, more likely once the book review I plan on publishing Thursday hits. The problem is, the darned … Continue reading

I Wish Amy Matayo Would Quit Writing So Well: My Man Card Is In Jeopardy.

This is my third Amy Matayo review. I knew this was coming up so I had to think about buying a new handgun last week (A Sig P238) just to keep my man card for another year. (No, I didn’t … Continue reading

Amy Matayo’s New Book, The Wedding Game, Is Delightful.

I finally figured out the deal with this here blogging: do it once and do it right. And then use it anywhere you can. I wrote the blog and then just lifted it to become my review of Amy … Continue reading