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There is a point in blogging where you have to stop and smell the shill. If you spend all of your time talking about your movie, audio book, novel, magazine article, and home-health care sanitary wipe line, you lose your readers.

I try very hard not to do that on this blog. I try to provide you with entertaining (or aggravating) posts that touch on topics you like, some spiritual stuff, and a bit of the straight shill now and again. Let’s face it: I’m putting out good dough to publish this… never mind. But when you buy a book, or come see me as Santa, you do allow me to spend the time and money that this bi-weekly train wreck demands.

My beloved publisher (and I truly mean that – he lets me run amok and almost never snaps my nose with a rolled up newspaper) has undertaken an arts festival in the middle of Wisconsin! Here’s the link and the logo:

So, here’s the deal: people complain that there’s nothing wholesome to do with their families. There are no “Christian” festivals, only ones loosely based on bad historian’s visions of the Renaissance. I have nothing against turkey legs, but for goodness sake, we’re serving Bratwurst. If you can find one decent human in all of “Sconnie” that wants turkey over Bratwurst, I’ll kill the danged bird myself and heat it on the engine of my car.

This thing is being held less than 2.5 hours from Minneapolis. Big, paved roads with no snow drifts. Nice people in the town. Fascinating speakers – he’s crazy, the director has given me top billing and three speaking slots. I’m writing this blog instead of preparing. No, seriously folks, I’ve got grade “A” material ready for this beast. If you’re an author, two of the three speeches are for sure of interest. General public? All three. The topics are the threat of weapons of mass destruction under Islamic control, writing about war for non-warriors (that includes police topics, and a variety of mystery subjects) that will be interesting to both readers and movie fans alike, and a final topic that I’m kind of proud of – writing about Biblical stories and how you can make the fit into the 21st century. Yup, promise them all to be riveting.

I’ll also be autographing books, taking pictures, and probably kissing babies and dogs.

Did I mention nationally famous musicians on Saturday? Or a dance party? Perhaps the other authors from the publishing empire we’re building would charm you senseless? I’ve read the books: these people are very good. I’m already a fanboy waiting to sit and talk to them all day.

In short, it’s a first time event, geared to people who want some wholesome family entertainment, in a place you can drive to from Minneapolis/Saint Paul. There are hotels and other places to stay nearby, and camping on site.

Come out and join us in Greenwood, Wisconsin August 4th to 7th.

I’ll be the fat guy with the beard in the writers’ tent.

I hope you swing on by. If you mention that you’re a reader of this blog, I’ll knock a couple of bucks off a copy of Assault on Saint Agnes and even give you a glimpse of the sequel. Yup, you won’t get that at the place with the drumsticks.

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