The “big” changes that are to come.

So, I know that Mom is dying to see what I was babbling about earlier today and both of my other regular readers are curious to see what my sleep deprived mind has come up with recently.

The answer is… stuff. On the right you will notice a subscription box. I tested it, it works. The semi-literate ramblings scrawled on this blog can now be sent to you via email every day that I put up a new post. Think of it as self-inflicted spam.

The second big change is that I am allying with a number of Christian bloggers and will be adding them to the links on the right over the next few days. If you are a Christian blogger and wish to exchange links, leave me a comment with all your contact information. I will look at your blog and decide based on its content. (Hint: no “start-your-own-business-from-home” websites, no p0rno, no “I love to cook eggplant” blogs, etc.)

The third change is that I am going to try and blog at least three times a week. Maybe more. It is fun, I have some good posts to put up there and since my readership is growing (I heard it topped 16 last week.) It’s time to make it pay for all of you who wander by to see what’s on the shelves.

The last change is still up for consideration but not a gimmee at this point: advertising. If I can find a source of ads that are clean and wholesome I’ll consider it. But you don’t have to worry about anything until I can verify the content. No sound files automatically opening is rule number one. Rule number two, my Goddaughter should be able to read the ad and not ask embarrassing questions.

So, now you know.

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