I Love My Theatrical Agents

I think it’s safe to say you hear members of the literary, acting, singing, and general performing communities complain about their agents on occasion. Frequently it’s done so that you can know that they have an agent and are obviously far more important than you are. Not that I’ve ever done that…

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But in writing this today I’m thankful for my agents. Several weeks ago I asked God to help me out financing a mission work. He, working through my agents, dropped more opportunities on me in the past weeks than I’d imagined possible.

Best part of it all is that they all treat me well. It makes sense: I get jobs, they get money.

I was sitting in the lobby of a casting agent waiting for an audition when a theatrical agent called me about a job we’d discussed. I told her where I was, and what I was auditioning for in ten minutes. “Yeah, we wanted to send you but they (another agency) got there first. You’d be good in that role. Let me call the customer and try to lock this down.”

Ten minutes, three phone calls, confirmed booking for two full days of work. For those of you that aren’t actors, that’s like striking oil in your back yard. Nice paycheck, two days of work in one location, one wardrobe, etc. They put me up in hotels for a couple of days, and we shoot overnight in a store when it’s closed. Very nice. Blessed. Paid for the mission project in one booking.

Back to the audition – after my usual bout of serious overacting, the director got me settled down and got a good take. Either that or she was sick of me and said it was good enough. She’s a kind soul who makes every actor feel valued, so I’ll never know. But she was willing to take a risk on my availability and let me audition. You see, the job I booked in her lobby conflicted with the one I was auditioning for that day.

Here’s how that works: If I’m the only one they want, they’ll shoot around me. If someone else meets their needs, they won’t use me. But to be given the chance, and take me into audition when it might not happen, is a blessing of kindness. I really appreciate that, Lynn. You know who you are and you’re always fun to perform for in my own bumbling way.

The agent that sent me? Totally cool with the fact that I may not get the job due to another booking. Yes, it’s money out of her pocket if it happens. But when you only book 5% of what you audition for (I’m an acquired taste, trust me) you roll the dice every time you send me out with my head shot and resume. Most agents are actors and models themselves, and they understand that if you get a job offer you grab it fast. Nothing is a “gimme” in this business, and they are rooting for their people even if they aren’t going to make a buck on it.

That’s why I’m blessed. There were two other agents working on finding me work at the same time the first two were getting me in the door. All four treat me well. I’m always amazed that they keep coming back to me.

I know that they don’t have to do that kindness. But I sure appreciate the love and concern they show me in keeping me on the list of active people.

Today, and tomorrow, I will be thankful for those good people who are looking out for my acting life.

Many thanks go up for all of them.

Oh, the mission project? We’re making Christmas gift packages for the homeless. Yeah, baby – it’s what He wants. And that’s what it’s all about.

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