Walmart Loves Che. And Stalin. And Mao. Not So Much Hitler.

*******Just so you know, I sat on this for one month to give Walmart a chance to quash their initial response. None arrived.*******

I’m not real good with mass murder types. I get a bit cranky when I see morons wearing them on a shirt. Che, in particular, seems to be very popular with the clueless nits that inhabit my area.



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I’m equally offended by others, but not too many people sport these images on their shirts. For a reason, mind you. But Che seems more acceptable to fools than Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao.



Pol Pot

Pol Pot





All of these jackasses are displayed upside down, because they are all standing on their heads in molten donkey droppings in Hell unless I miss my bet. But the fact that anyone would put such an odious wreck of a human on their clothing baffles me. Che was working his way up the big leagues of mass murder by seeing how many people one bullet could kill. He liked killing people, just like the others.

Yet people still wear his face on their shirt. Consequently, I have begun to engage them with comments like, “Nice mass murderer shirt! Do you have one with Manson or Hitler? (Yeah, I know… Chuckie baby wasn’t a full mass-murder guru like the others, but he was still working his act out when it went south.)

At first, they like the fact that I noticed the shirt. (I also greet anyone with a USSR shirt the same way. Gulag anyone?) This quickly turns to a puzzled look when they realize what I said and are struck more stupid than usual by all that brain activity. The final stage is “Oh yeah?”

I know. Don’t expect clever retorts from minions of murder. My point is, think about what you emblazon on your chest. You might just find some obnoxious history buff that wants to humiliate you. I’m normally genteel and ignore most stupid people with slogan shirts designed to offend. But marxist murder maggots do not get the pass on this one.

Just think how lovely it would be if we all wrote a note to Walmart today and asked why they carry all that Che crap on their website! See, there is something you can do today that doesn’t involve face-to-face confrontation of morons!

Well, I did write. And I got an answer. Really fast. Here it is (You will note that I was upfront about seeking a comment for publication):

Customer email (09/07/2015 12:16 AM)
I”m curious why you are selling Che Guevara items such as his poster on your website. He’s a wretched historical character who was a mass murderer of hundreds of Cubans. I’ll be writing about it on my blog soon, and wondered if you’d care to comment.

Here’s the response:

Recently you requested personal assistance from Customer Care.
Below is our response and a summary of your request.

Reference#: 150907-000028
Response email (09/07/2015 01:24 AM)
Hi Joseph,

Thank you for contacting We do totally understand, unfortunately we sell those items due to popular demand and they are part of our inventory now. We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer.


Aryel D. Customer Care

Well, good to see commerce rolls on to the victory of the people! I went back to and did some more searching. To nobody’s surprise, there was nothing favorable about Hitler. One poster from a movie that was iffy, but it didn’t look especially worshipful.

On the other hand, they did carry a nice assortment of merchandise about Stalin and Mao. Some of it very pricey. Most of it lauding the two mass murder suspects that outstripped Hitler by millions of victims. I think it’s just an oversight, but they didn’t have any kind of Pol Pot merchandise. Get hot, Walmart, there’s money to be made there I’m sure.

Are you ticked off yet? Walmart, in their defense, probably has no clue at a corporate level that they sell this crap. They also, unless I miss my guess, don’t authorize customer service employees who work at One in the morning on Labor Day to respond to queries like this one.

That does not, however, change the fact that they stock this garbage in their product line. I have the strangest feeling that if you share this post with your friends, and encourage them to contact Walmart about this merchandise, they will have a change of heart.

Tell them I sent you – I need the publicity.

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