My Injustice Is Greater Than Your Injustice. That Makes You Evil.

Ever since the court decisions that avoided senselessly indicting an innocent police officer for shooting a man trying to kill him in Missouri, and the lack of indictments for incredibly poor visuals in New York, we’ve seen a wave of grievance elevation in our nation unprecedented in recent memory.

We’ve made it almost a full week without anyone screaming foul in the press. Well, except the pizza parlor that was threatened with death because they stated their belief system publicly.

*****UPDATE: I wrote this last week. Since then there was a shooting in South Carolina that looks like murder on the surface of it. I was pleased at the rational response until I saw the Huffington Post (No Link For Propagandist HUFFPO) fanning the flames with the “If there wasn’t video, he’d get away with it” post. This was quickly picked up by the usual crowd of people who insist that the police are guilty of something if they’re white. In my universe, people who base judgments on skin color are called racists.

Yeah, kind of tedious.

When that didn’t go much of anywhere over the course of a few hours, the Vineland New Jersey video of a man who died during a police interaction went up. It shows a police dog killing him. So they say. I watched it a few times, all I saw was the man being cuffed and some dumb cop telling the people filming him that they had to hand over the cameras. Uh, no. Sorry Officer. Not true. But the dog killing the man? I hope that video finally emerges because the one the wailers and moaners linked to doesn’t show it. I did watch this video, however, and it shows a conscious subject being subdued by a police dog.

Once he complies, the cops cuff him. He did die on the way to the hospital. That is sad. Any loss of life under those circumstances is sad. But having worked with police dogs, this doesn’t look off the hook. The dog controls the subject by taking the lower arm so he cannot use a weapon. *(Not that he had one, but that’s why the dog does it – once he’s got one it’s a tad bit late.) I include this only because I wrote this last week and it didn’t post on time. Guess I should have waited. The grievance machine is alive and well. Personally, if the video I saw of the South Carolina incident shows what I think it shows, the officer involved will be doing the rest of his life in prison. That, unless there is something edited out, looks like a straight up murder.

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I’d respectfully ask all of you out there to stop it. Just quit. No more.

I’m heartily sick of the hair-trigger response to every perceived slight in the United States. We’re better than that in my opinion.

Don Rickles has the proper philosophy: he ribs everyone. Without exception. And because he’s good at it he’s gotten away with it for decades. Try to establish an act like his today and a mob would descend on him and burn his house to the ground.

Perchance the most sorry aspect of this phenomenon is the escalation of outrage. Because I’m fat, I can be outraged over your charging me more for an airline seat. But I’m not allowed to be as outraged as an Arab who’s scrutinized at TSA because he has spent the last few minutes praying while waiting in the line. But he’s not allowed to be more outraged than the gay couple who are waiting to go on their honeymoon after the wedding reception where they didn’t get the cake they wanted. They, however, are trumped by the black intellectual who was stopped by the police because their license plate was 1 digit off from an armed robbery suspect who looked like them.

I’m at the bottom of that pile. But if I work at it I bet I can find an outrage – hey, found it: I was denied my veteran’s discount. I didn’t mention it, but they should have told me they had one and by gosh I served my country and that free soda with my steak was a big deal. Haters!

Where on the great scale of injustice does that place me?

Does it matter? Folks, let’s get real: mistakes happen, not everyone thinks you’re a special princess, and that trophy isn’t being awarded for 224th place this month. People will not like you based on your gender, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and that dumb sweater you put on your cat.

That, my friend, is what we call life on this imperfect planet. Sometimes, make that often, we have to suck it up, put on our big girl panties and move on to the next item. Being hurt, angry, objectified is only possible if we sweat it. If someone doesn’t want to serve me, I don’ darken their doorway any more. (Yes, it’s happened. I ain’t been back to those places and my cash goes with me.) I also don’t organize a boycott of the business. If enough people experience the same thing the owners will either change their ways or fail.

Same thing on a personal level. I deal with some real blockheads. I’m sure they think I’m a blockhead as well. Okay. But we get along for other reasons and make it work. Do they hate my guts because of my color? In a few cases the answer is yes. I pity them, actually. I’m kind off a fun guy to hang out with. But if you assume I’m there to sell plots in the Klan cemetery when you first meet me, we’ll miss out on some good times. Same goes the other way: if I assume you’re there to steal my car it’s not going to go well.

Maybe we could all back it down a notch? Don’t assume the worst. Pretend that being nice is what God would like us to do? Hey, that sounds like something I read in a book once. I have to look it up. Bet it makes for a better life for all of us.

I’ll be the fat guy in the corner eating jelly-beans. Hope you have a good one.

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