More Of It Seen, Not Quite All Of It Yet.

This morning I was travelling down the highway when a Prius pulled out in front of me, in the left lane, with emergency flashers going and two pieces of particle board strapped to the roof.

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This is on a road under construction, lane restrictions, average speed 55+. He’s going maybe 18.7, passenger and driver both have outside hand out the window holding down the boards. Tied down with at least two wraps of cheap twine.

Every time I witness such an exhibition I despair for the driving public. There are maroons, and then there are maroons, to cite that eminent philosopher Buggs Bunny.

I think Buggs would be a better driver. I was in Florida for the past week. I think Elmer Fudd has a shot at being a better driver. This is largely due to the demographic: older than me. Elmer’s covering the younger demographic: road ragers.

I might have some road rage if I drove here long enough. Younger drivers lose it after a while due to the heart-pounding adrenaline dumps you get when seniors pull out in front of you at freeway speeds. I have learned to keep my idiot box about 5x it’s normal size this past week. I will be as bad, or worse, when my hearing and sight decline to the level of my motor skills. This is just aging taking its toll.

The Prius, however, topped the cake.

I’m going to risk it all in a few minutes and head out to a local restaurant with my mom and wife. I will set the blog to post automatically tomorrow – just in case I don’t make it back.

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