CLICK: Attention All Hands. Now Hear This…

Item 1: The staff of this blog is touched by the outpouring of messages, comments, and contacts from former shipmates about the crew of Ranger 12. I am still seeking pictures. If any of you have pictures of the guys, or know their families, I’d like to use them down the road to honor the crew.

Item 2: I realized a lot of you are still hurting all these years later from the loss of those fine men. I want to talk about that below the bar here.

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Ladies and gentlemen: I realize that spooks don’t have mental health problems. Not a one of us. You get your badge pulled for admitting that you have issues.

Well, that may have been true 27 years ago, but I’m begging you to listen to the reality of today: If you’re feeling overwhelmed and sad, thinking about harming yourself, call 800-273-8255 and talk to someone immediately. If you want to chat, hit the bottom of the page and use that logo. If you’re a friend of mine, call me. But don’t sit there and stew: reach out.

I’m a blunt person: I’ve lost too many friends in the last 30 years to suicide. Reading some of the stuff this brought up I worried about all of you and wondering how we ever made it this far. We didn’t go for help, we just gutted it out. That’s not working. I’m weary of opening my email and Facebook and reading of another CT who took their own life.

People, you’re all amazing if you were in the business. Not a one of you is anything less than a valuable asset to national security. Each of you is smart and a part of the family. I realize depression and suicide don’t let you think rationally about things when you’re in the midst of the darkness. So I’ll say it loud and clear:


I hate caps lock, but that needed to be shouted out.

Now, for the rest of you hoodlums, the ones who are momentarily in full possession of your faculties, resume your preparation for the snooperdull on Sunday.

That is all. Now sweepers…

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