Vallenata Music And The Joy Of Difference

I’ve probably got one of the most eclectic tastes in music that you’ll run across in your life. Big Band, Polka, Rock, Christian, Reggae, Blues, Pop, PDQ Bach, and Metal are just a sampling. Let us not forget Elvis while we’re speaking, lest the earth open and he hould leap forth to beat me like a drum.

With that in mind, I have to share a music I ran across last year. Bloggers don’t always get to the post right away. This one trickled off to the side. It was a special on the Smithsonian Channel, entitled The Accordion Kings. I dvr’d it to see what it was all about. I didn’t delete it for months. It was that fascinating.

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My Spanish is, uh, bad. I understand it much better than I speak it, and once you get past the two or three accents my hammered-up ears can understand it’s sketchy. Colombian Spanish is on the edge. But I did enjoy seeing how accurate the subtitles were as they went along.

Fascinating is an overused word. But it applies to this show. I was simply enthralled for the entire time. I backed it up several times to listen to bits and study faces. There’s no “plot” to a documentary like this, but by George it was gripping to see how certain things would turn out.

I did the research, it’s not practical for me to attend the festival. But if I could, I’d buy tickets and spend the time to catch it all.

I would strongly recommend this special to you if you are a lover of music. If you love accordions, nothing will be finer. The stories of the evolution of the musical form, the struggles of the performers, and how it reflects the society are all fascinating.

I sense a reluctance? You don’t want to buy the video until you know more? I understand. Here’s 15 minute video of some contemporary artists in the world of Vallenata. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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