Christmas Video Friday Has Returned With A Vengeance.

Fridays mean videos during the Christmas season. I love music, Christmas music most of all, and want to share some offbeat stuff with my readers.

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As always, we start with ABBA. Well, Bjorn Again – a tribute band. But it’s pretty close.

Now, on this side of the Atlantic, we have The Temptations doing a medley:

Now, we visit with one of my favorite groups, The Bee Gees.

Aaron Neville brings his own style to Silent Night – and it’s worth a listen. Linda Ronstadt chimes in about halfway through the song.

Here’s one I’ll bet you’ve never seen: Freddy Mercury singing Thank God It’s Christmas:

Nothing says Christmas like a Jewish kid from The Range: Bob Dylan. Must Be Santa. Enjoy. And for Heaven’s sake, be nice to each other this weekend. I am keeping a list after all.

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