This Is What A Leader Sounds Like At The United Nations.

Mrs. Netanyahu’s boy, Benjamin, is a guy I can get behind. If you listen to his speech you will find that he’s saying all the things I’ve espoused here for years. Some of you will have to get past your prejudices against Jews & Israel to fully appreciate him. But the message is vital. I will do some analysis after the video.

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No pussyfooting. The truth in an unvarnished version. He is completely unlike our own leader who blames videos and the intelligence community for our problems. I wish Benjamin could run for president here. I’m praying that someone like him comes out for the presidency in 2016.

Here’s the analysis you may not get in the mainstream media (I’m writing this about two hours after the speech.)

Something big is about to happen in the Middle East. Netanyahu hinted at a peace plan that involves a land swap/giveaway. Big deal, right? Done that before and it didn’t work.

This time there’s a difference that was lost on most that watched the speech, including most of the talking heads: The Arabs stayed to listen. Specifically, I saw the Palestinian, Egyptian, and Syrian tables occupied with people. Unheard of in my time. The Arabs always walk out on Israeli speakers.

What is different this time? I think that they all realize that militant Islam is an existential threat to their nations. They realize that Israel can be dealt with, Hamas, ISIS, Iran, and others cannot be reasoned with on any level except blood.

There it is for you. The Arabs stayed. I can’t wait to find out what that means. In the meantime, it’s a joy to listen to a guy like Bebe speak on behalf of the survival of civilization over barbarism.

Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.

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