So, Who Wants To Help Pick The Cover Of Assault On Saint Agnes?

The greatest part of having a blog is you have a way to reach out to thousands (or dozens) of people in one post. Now I need you all to help out in picking the cover art for the novel.

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I’m using to pick the artist for my book. There will be an additional story about that experience down the road, but so far it’s been very exciting.

Part of the problem is deciding what to pick as the winner. I will conduct another poll on either Friday or Monday, but for the moment I’d like to have you all run over to this link and look at the finalists.

What I need is for you to put your favorite two into a comment and leave it for me right away. I will not publish the comments so as to avoid skewing the results.

I hope you like what you see as much as I do when I look at the contestants. Your goal is to tell me which one grabs you most at first glance. Don’t get too in depth, go with your gut. Because we all know that’s how it works at the book store!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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