Is It ISIL Or ISIS? I Spell It Islamic Murder Society.

Well, I’ve kind of been waiting for a fatwa, so that ought to do it.

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For those of you not paying close attention (since about 1400 years ago, so kind of newish to our Commander in Chief,) Islam is a virulent disease with the goal of taking over the world through the means of shedding blood.

Harsh? Nah, just right on the money. Read the Quran and it will fill in all the details. Beheading innocent journalists? Fits in to the plan. Subjugating women? Nice stuff, again on the plan. Invading neighboring nations and giving the choice to convert, be subjected to heavy taxation, or be killed? Ding, Ding, Ding right on the money.

Linguistically, and I love starting sentences that way, the sheeple of the west have accepted the stupid notion that Islam is the religion of peace. Truth of the matter is that Islam is the command form of the Arabic word “submit.” As in, “Submit to Islam or be put to the sword.” Read history and find the truth. A couple of years of Arabic lessons will also help.

Nobody who understands Islam is in the least bit surprised that they like beheading people. Kind of a trend the last few years, but it’s an old habit that just never goes out of style for Islam.

Radical Islam is what fools call this manifestation of the virus. No, it’s “Pure Islam” to those who study such things. This is the hateful, world conquering ideology that is prophesied in the Koran. (Multiple spellings, I’m not done yet.”

Since we’re on the topic of a movement that wants to subjugate the world, let me throw out a little prediction: It’s about to get really ugly.

I know Barack Obama is constantly surprised at what he reads in the papers, but that’s only because he doesn’t attend his intelligence briefings. So, Mr. President, I read the papers for you and wish to give you a heads up: ISIL, ISIS, Hair Club For Murderous Barbarians, or whatever their name is this week, is not done with us yet.

My biggest clue was that just two weeks before the anniversary of 9-11 (The day of the attacks on New York and Benghazi) the King of Saudi Arabia warned that it was about to go off the hook. Why would he do that? Simple: he’s got actionable intelligence on something awful and he can’t/won’t do anything about it because he’s the head of the Muslim world. Too dangerous, politically, for him to act. So he threw the ball to Barack and hopes he can say, “Well, I warned you” when it hits the fan.

Mr. President, I don’t blame you for the most recent beheadings. But I sure do blame you for saying that you don’t have a plan. David Cameron might be bluffing, but he gets it. You don’t, or won’t, speak out on this as you should. Grow some backbone and keep clear of the tenth tee for a few weeks. It’s about to get real.

That is my prediction. But what do I know, I’ve only spent 30 years studying the issue.

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