Scooby Snacks For Everyone!

It is with great pleasure that I thank you all for boosting the monthly hits on this blog once again. We’ve not only got a lot of new readers, but a lot of really diligent, loyal fans who come back time after time.

I may joke about both of you reading the blog, but we’re consistently over 45,000 visits a month at this point. When I throw out the robots and random fluke big traffic days, that’s still 40,000 people a month who read this blog. Wow. I’m more humbled than you can imagine that you like what I write and come back for more.

I have to admit, it’s not easy during the summer to crank this puppy out. My day job is insane from April until September, and I’m a basket case when I get home. I try to give good content but the number of posts seems to have suffered a bit. I promise to try for three times a week every week. You deserve it based on your loyalty.

I do have a favor to ask: please subscribe via the box on the right. You plug in your email address, the machine sends you an email, you click the right links in the email and you are subscribed. About 10 seconds total. This means I’m less dependent on Facebook to get posts noticed. Facebook is charging money for me to reach readers. You will note the complete lack of advertising here – that’s for a reason: I am a control freak.

I don’t plan on taking ads on at this time. But costs being what they are, it may be a part of the future. I just can’t stand the idea of not controlling all the content. So, if you subscribe, and tell your friends about this blog, it helps me keep it ad free. I solemnly promise not to sell the list, or bug you with fundraising schemes. I will use the list to award prizes and promote my books (when they get published.)

You win, I win, Facebook loses. I kind of like that equation.

Most of all, my thanks for being there in the room with the blog. I love my audience and appreciate your reading my writing.

God Bless.

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