I’m Throwing In The Towel: It’s International Abba Weekend And I’m Giving Away Happy Any Day Now Copies From Toby Devens To Celebrate.

How… what??? Why?

I can hear it from here (the distant past when this posts. That ought to make your head explode.) It’s simple: I like cross cultural confusion. Toby Devens’ great book Happy Any Day Now crosses between Jewish and Korean cultural landscapes, and I like ABBA. It’s international ABBA weekend this week and if you can’t see the connection I pity you.

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I will make this simple: the contest to win a signed copy of Toby’s book is simply to email me with your name and mailing address. It’s only open to subscribers (hint: YOU can become a subscriber by clicking on the box to the right and following the instructions. You have to open the email that is sent and click the link to fully subscribe. I won’t spam you, I won’t sell my list, and I will use it wisely.) So, if you’re a subscriber, send me an email at headdoofus AT commotioninthepews.com with the shipping info. I will randomly pick two winners of the book. Pretty simple, eh?

In the meantime, here’s some ABBA videos to make you smile. They are in Korean and Hebrew. Eat your heart out Drudge.

Super Trooper Korean:

Israeli flash mob does ABBA (Hey, it means Father in Hebrew, you find a better version and I’ll post it! English Techno was the best I could do – but the people in the mob speak Hebrew – as does the lifeguard.)

And that, folks, is The Name Of The Game.

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