Book Review – Make That Endorsement, for Dive Deeper By Jenifer Jernigan

Given the submarine related posts you find here on occasion, you might expect a title like Dive Deeper to be involved with evading torpedos, getting below the sonar layer, or perhaps, just trying to avoid a super-tanker coming your way at periscope depth. Nope: it’s a Bible study book. And it’s really good.

Dive Deeper

Dive Deeper

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The full title is actually Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion (InScribed Collection) and it’s written by Jenifer Jernigan who is with the same literary agency as your genial host.

It is the nature of the publishing world that we cross paths with other writers and are asked to endorse their books. They will do the same for you down the road. I hope so, and I hope the other authors like what I write. Because I won’t endorse anything I haven’t read, and I don’t expect them to do anything but that when my time comes.

In full disclosure, I have not read the entire book. I read the first part of it, what is called a “launch team” version of the opening. But it was enough to let me know that this study program is going to be great.

Many times you find yourself, especially as a baby Christian, dragged to a Bible study class where one of the older women in the church rambles on for an hour about what Samuel meant to the ancient Israelites. Or, worse yet, how we can incorporate ancient law as found in Leviticus in our daily chores around the farm. Yes, those are how Bible study groups die. Jenifer’s book is a fresh approach to the concept. It engages, promotes a deeper look than just the scripture, gives a cultural context, and aims the reader toward exercises that put the passage under study into effective use in their life.

I perused my advanced copy of this while I was on vacation and was impressed. Impressed enough that I bought it on my kindle while writing this blog today. I was under no obligation to do anything here. I could have ignored the launch party, ignored the polite emails, ignored the whole thing. But it is so well done that I bought a copy with my very own visa card.

I may be a bit lazy (very, let’s be honest) in my Bible studies. I’ve been spoiled by a pastor that does a great job every week. But my work schedule is going to keep me out of the church that day for the next few months and I need a new approach. That new approach is Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion (InScribed Collection) .

I’d encourage you to at least download the sample and look at it today. You’ll buy it. I am sure of that in my heart. Jenifer has done a great job making the works much easier for newbies to approach, and for old hands to Dive Deeper.

Good job, Jenifer!


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