Loyalty Means Lying On The Rug And Watching Her Sleep.

I have had occasion in my life to think that dealing with dogs is infinitely preferable to dealing with some of the people I’ve been stuck with in different places. I had finally overcome that a few years ago and elevated people to the level of dogs.

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Watching over the flock.

Watching over the flock.

The last few days verified that decision. I have been amazed, overawed, overjoyed, and overcome with the outpouring of love and prayer that came from all of you, and my Facebook family, in regard to my wife and her surgery. I should not forget work friends, and most of all, blood-kin. Yup, all of you have kept her lifted up in prayer.

But there is a little dog that deserves special mention: Stormy. She was nuts when we got home from the hospital. I really suspect some kind of link between our dogs and the humans in this house. I’m not that perceptive, but on several occasions I’ve taken a dog to the vet and the other one was damaged or upset by the illness or loss of their friend. I could see it the minute I opened the door. This time around, Stormy was frantic when we got back from the hospital.

That trip was no different than if we’d gone for a morning at church. But the dog knew something was up. She was only good when she got a chance to check Kip out and make sure she was fine. Over the past two days the dog has kept her eye on Kip, often within arms length to make sure her hero is getting better.

Don’t get me wrong, the dog and I get along really well. But her full herding instinct/shepherd genetic makeup are in evidence at this moment. She just watches. Occasional trips to eat/poop/bark at enemies, but always back on watch within minutes. That makes two of us.

I’m blessed to have the friends and family in my life. I’m blessed that my wife is healing. And both of us are blessed that Stormy is there to watch over us. I’m totally in love with that: I need a keeper.

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