Thanksgiving Time.

I sometimes wonder how people who don’t believe in God account for the wonderful things that happen in their lives. Even at my most bitter, agnostic moments I still felt that tug of God deep down. I knew the good stuff wasn’t my doing alone – and the same with the bad stuff.

The other day I wrote about the Good Neighbor Meals. I have reread that post more than once and have been amazed every time I watch the video. It has caused me to spend a bit more time than usual being thankful for my life.

Thanksgiving is a day set aside for thanking God for our blessings. That doesn’t seem to be often enough for me. I have found myself doing that several times a day in the past few years. I stop and thank God for all of the gifts he gives me on a regular basis. I get out of my chair and get on a knee on occasion, because I’m humbled in his presence.

Today, in no particular order, I’m going to list some of the things I’ve been thankful for of late. Hopefully you will have a similar list and take some time to reflect on God’s love as well.

My wife and her love.
Stormy and her journey from petrified dog in the corner to furry pork roast on the couch next to me.
A great computer screen at work.
My coworkers – Jim, Carol, Gail, Dawn, Chad, Mike, Rick, Mary, Kevin, Brenda, Deb, Emmy, Kathy, Cathy, Bart, Chris, Richard, and a host of others. You make my life better with your smiles, treats, and help.
A reliable car.
A warm bed to sleep in every night – especially when it’s -15 degrees.
Good food to eat.
The ability to provide good food for others to eat.
My writing ability – God has given me a unique voice and I’m very appreciative of that fact.
My agent Jessica Kirkland. She’s done so much for me and my work that I cannot even begin to thank her.
Christmas and my ability to visit with so many people and pray over them.
Midtown Global Market where I have my “Santa Home” and see some of the same people every year.
Athanatos Ministries and Anthony Horvath. Anthony, you made me a much better writer with your contest.
My fellow writers for inspiring me and teaching me “all the tricks” of the trade.
My Pastor. Steve Daniels is a man of God who brings the word every week.
My church family at Shiloh Missionary Church.
My family. I love each one of them and miss them when they’re not around. We’re not super close, but I do love them.
My techno toys. God lets me play with all sorts of nifty devices.
KTIS radio. You lift my heart and encourage me every time I turn the radio on.
Good doctors and nurses who have cared for me this past year.
Healing Haiti and Jeff Gacek: you changed my world.
Vintage television on Netflix.
Vintage movies on Turner Classic Movies.
Operation First Novel. No matter how it turns out, it’s an honor and I ponder it daily.
Friends from the military – shipmates to this day.
My readers. You make this blog fun.
And, today, Churros and Mexican bakery.



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