Did You Actually Read The Article?

Let’s get this out in the open right away and be done with the whole issue: I like Duck Dynasty. I share most of the Biblical views of the Robertson clan. (I can’t say I share them all because I don’t know what all of their views are on the Bible. They know it a lot better than I do from what I can tell. I’ll just defer for the moment to their education on the topic.) I am not surprised the left has attacked Phil Robertson for his interview in GQ Magazine. (click here for the link to the article.)

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The last thing Phil Robertson needs is me to defend him. Heck, he has about a bazillion more weapons than I do, including a pretty decent intellect. Don’t let that cagey look and the shaggy beard fool you. I guess that goes for both of us…

My point is pretty simple: he didn’t say what the media says he said. No big surprise there. Go click on the link to the article and read it yourself. The most insulting thing he says is… that sin is sin. And he takes a Biblical view of immoral acts, male and male, male and female, human and animal, etc. He’s not judging. Nope, he leaves that to God. But he is putting it right out there that he’s toeing the line as set forth in the Bible. His interpretation is a very common one. I’m not a Biblical scholar so don’t worry that I’ll try to parse the Greek or Aramaic for you. You can go read it for yourself. May not be a bad idea, come to think of it.

I get Phil. He’s doing this because he was a massive sinner in his youth and he’s happy to be saved. He’s pretty sure he was headed for Hell and he wants to help others avoid that fate as well. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. You can agree with Phil, you can disagree with Phil. You can say he’s wrong in his interpretation of scripture.

But before you try to stick a knife in the man’s back, make sure you know more about scripture than Phil. And read the article in GQ.

I’ll leave it up to God who’s right and who’s wrong. But once you read the article I think you’ll agree that Phil didn’t do anything remotely like what he’s being accused of in the press.

I hope A&E has another blockbuster lined up and waiting. I suspect that Clan Robertson is not going to take this lightly. The fans sure don’t seem to be in the mood to blow this off. Partly that’s because the viewers finally got somebody that they could identify with and watch every week without having to hold their finger over the mute button. The fans like the Robertsons. The fans are loyal. And, as of yesterday when this all started to boil, the fans are warming up to a royal boycott.

I guess reruns of The First 48 and Dog The Bounty Hunter may have to be the big draws if A&E doesn’t rethink this decision to suspend Phil. He doesn’t seem like the type to be suspended. Except perhaps from the same cross his Savior occupied. I think Phil might just take a nail in the hand for his beliefs. We’ll find out soon.

Just by the way, my takeaway quote from the article is, “You put in your article that the Robertson family really believes strongly that if the human race loved each other and they loved God, we would just be better off.” Yeah, that Phil – he’s a hater.

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