Sponsorship Sunday – Isaac

We’re back to Sponsorship Sunday after a week off to celebrate the United States Marine Corps birthday, and we’re going to try and get our young fellow, Isaac, fully sponsored. Isaac was here back in June and still needs a sponsor. It’s awfully easy to become jaded to the needs of others when you are bombarded with requests for donations day after day. I know that I’ve been that way all my life. Still am, for the most part.

I hope this weekly column doesn’t have that impact on anyone in the audience. It would be a shame if it did, as I think it’s pretty low key. You can read it or not, I keep it on the same day each week, it’s never snuck in under the tent’s edge.

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Today I’d like to tell you what those kids mean to me at Grace Village. I deal with thousands of little ones every year as Santa. And I can spot a phony about 2 blocks away. I met not a one of them at Grace Village.

They are the most remarkably gentle, polite, nice children you will ever deal with in your life. All of them are so grateful for the love and care they get from the teachers and missionaries at that center. God truly works with them and their staff. Just typing the words I am awestruck by the kindness and love that abounds in that place.

Orphanage is a bad word in the United States. It is in many parts of Haiti as well. But Grace Village is an oasis of Christ’s love in a troubled country. I love those kids. I love the staff. If I wasn’t married with a job and responsibilities I’d ask to be sent there as a staff member today. I could easily spend all of my days there until God calls me home.

Yes, it’s that anointed. Please take a few minutes and pray about your ability to help these beautiful kids. Your emails touch me greatly every day. I will never use my lists or influence to nag for funds. I appreciate the voluntary nature of our relationship and will continue to respect that gift you give to me.

Be blessed and consider sponsoring Isaac and his extended “family” at Grace Village. I know my sponsorship of two little girls is a huge plus in my life. I wish the same joy for you.

This week’s child is: Isaac


Isaac once had the opportunity to learn to ride a bike and says it’s his favorite thing to do. Isaac came to Grace Village with his brother Romual and they both remain close to one another. Isaac would like to be an engineer some day so he puts a lot of effort into his studies, especially math. Isaac’s prayer request is for his family.

Isaac came to Healing Haiti in September, 2008. Isaac and his brother Romual are orphans, both or their parents are deceased.

Birth Info
Birthdate: September 26, 1999
Place of Birth: Cap-Hatien, Haiti

It is my hope that one of you will find your heart touched by this child and take up a bit of Christ’s work by sponsoring them for an extended period. My wife and I are sponsoring a pair of sisters and I look at it this way – I only gave up the equivalent of a fast-food dinner each day to change the life of a child. Healing Haiti will do the right things for these children and I have full confidence in their work. I am not affiliated with them, they don’t endorse this blog, nothing like that at all. I just love kids (can’t be Santa and not love children) and know that Grace Village is the difference between life and death for many of these children. Please open your heart and prayerfully reflect on the opportunity God’s giving us to sponsor these children. Some of them have come out of slavery and have some of the toughest lives you could imagine prior to Grace Village.

Just click the link and it will take you directly to the page where you can sponsor this week’s child. And if God is particularly good and that child is sponsored when you get there, please grab another smiling face and change their life instead. My goal is to put Sponsorship Sunday out of business as quickly as possible and take that day off each week. Thank you. God bless you for your generosity.

Some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. The hands and feet of Christ.

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