The Wheels On The Bus Go “Clonk, Clonk, Clonk”

I have been contemplating leadership issues of late. There seems to be a dearth of good leadership in modern America. Instead we have supervisors, managers, advocates, and charismatics. The actual practice of leadership is missing. I define leadership as inspiring the pursuit of excellence in your subordinates, peers, and superiors by sterling example.

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Throughout my life I’ve been inspired not just by the people who were in positions superior to mine, but by those subordinate. Each of them had the courage of their convictions and the ability to do the right thing in spite of obstacles, objections, and fear of failure.

This era is apparently coming to a close. I look with dismay at Washington and my own state capitol where it appears I am viewed as a serf, not as their boss. Throughout the land we’ve produced a group of “leaders” who routinely lie to us, abuse their positions of power, and scorn the founding principles of this republic.

When the people try to seize the power and right the course of the nation, the press lavishes dirt and dismissal on their heads. “The leaders know best.” But do they? Are any of the current leaders in our political sphere truly there to lead us in our struggle to better this nation? Or are they lodged like splinters in your bottom, irritating and rough. Much like a splinter in your tuchus, it’s darned hard to remove them because they’ve lodged in a spot where you can’t reach most of them.

The incumbents in our land are sapping our strength as a nation. There are no leaders involved, more like leaches. Think for a moment about what you’d like to see in our government offices.

I would like to see people versed in the Constitution. People who are unafraid to say unpopular things because it might cost them their jobs. I’d like to see citizen servants return to the government as it was at the time of our founding. Until we institute term limits, something that “the leaders” all fight against, we will continue to provide glorified welfare for the political class in this nation.

Your job, as a citizen, is to seek these people out, require candidates for office to seek this course, and thrown them out when they fail as office holders.

Our republic is in trouble. Act quickly.

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