Sponsorship Sunday – A Request.

Greetings. Each Sunday for the past several months I’ve been asking for support of the orphans at Grace Village. Healing Haiti is the organization that runs the orphanage and I’ve been there on a mission trip. I’m going again this winter.

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A reader had a valid point last week – what do we, the readers, know about this group and why should we trust them?

Excellent point. I am not an official representative of Healing Haiti. In full disclosure, I have met some of the leaders, broken bread with them, travelled to Haiti with them, and supported the organization financially and by means of using this blog as a sounding post. I don’t get anything from it except the satisfaction of knowing those children gain.

Today, just for a change, I am encouraging you to visit their website. Read about what they do and how they spend their money (An audited 2012 report is coming in the near future.) Don’t take my word for the good works – inspect, check, verify. I’m that confident of their good nature.

Next week we will resume the usual posts. Today, go look for yourself and see how a charity should be run.

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