Huh. No More $4.50 Coffee For Me.

This is not to say that my wife may not drag me into a Starbucks. But instead of taking the neutral stance of the past few years and leaving it to the observation of local laws, they’ve asked me not to come into their stores.

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That’s too bad. I rather like the smoothies, my wife likes the hot chocolate. I’ve been known to munch a pastry or twelve on occasion.

This policy may change. I think the CEO worded his letter badly. I think what he meant to ask was that customers no longer carry a weapon openly into their stores. My opinion is that if you are allowed to carry an open carry is fine. I also realize that it freaks some people out to see a handgun on my hip. That’s why I don’t do it. Not because I can’t, but I stir up enough trouble most places without adding a firearm on display.

But the letter doesn’t say that – it says don’t come in armed unless you’re law enforcement. Not even if you’re the woman with the stalking ex-husband who carries a gun in her purse to protect herself from the psycho. (I know that woman – taught her to shoot.) Nor does it say, “You can carry concealed if legally allowed because nobody will get their shorts in a wad and we kind of like the Constitution as it is.” Nope, it says I should stay away if I’m carrying.

They’ll get their wish. I figure with the amount I spend there each year I’ll have enough for a new Ruger .45 in about 18 months. And I’ll still be drinking coffee and cocoa but in somebody different’s joint.

Starbucks couldn’t drive me away with the overpriced coffee, but telling me I’m not wanted in their store sealed the deal.

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