Exploding Brain Cells And Challenges.

It has dawned on me over the past few months that my migraine headache never truly goes away. It’s constantly with me if I look for its presence. Not that it is any worse than before, but I’m more acutely aware of the stupid thing all the time. Fewer peaks of late, but always lurking in the background waiting to wreck a day of writing, take down the fun in the sun, or make being at work a misery. (Yes, I do enjoy my “day job” and like being there most of the time. I’m graced with a wonderful crew on my shift.)

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What to do about it is the question. I have tried caffeine droughts, sugar droughts (quit snickering), extra hydration, no meals before bedtime, careful regulation on my medication, and lots of prayer. The neurologist has prescribed sumatriptan for the symptoms, but it’s not an every day fix.

Botox might be the answer. It was approved for chronic migraine a few years ago and I just started looking at it recently. My headaches aren’t the full-blown killer ones on a daily basis, but it is a drag dealing with them. My big concern is that I’ll look like John Kerry if I have those injections all over my neck, face, and skull. It’s lots of little needles lots of times to get the thing rolling.

I don’t like the listed side effects. Not that loss of bladder control, breathing problems, droopy eyelids, and hoarseness are an issue for me – YES THEY ARE!! Kind of scary.

So, beloved readers, have any of you used Botox to treat migraine? Please leave a message in the comments. It will be published unless you mark it private in the subject line.

I appreciate your input on this topic.

Now, as your reward, another random music video series. Christmas Metal – never too early to rock.

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Exploding Brain Cells And Challenges. — 2 Comments

    • I love the medical experts (you included) who find weight loss to be the cure for all that ails me.

      The migraines predate my 10th birthday and have been there through thick and thin. Just like the sleep apnea. Skinny and fit or fat and gooey, it’s been the same for 4 decades.

      Sorry, Danny – prescription refused.