Sponsorship Sunday – Week Eleven – Bylove

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Again this week I ask that you take a few minutes and read about my little friends in Haiti. Your sponsorship, just a few dollars a day, makes a huge difference in their lives. Just over a dollar a day meets either their medical or educational needs each day. That donut you got at the coffee shop can be turned into a changed life. Not a bad way to think about it at all.

Thank you in advance for your kindness.

This week’s child is: Bylove


Bylove has a heart for God. When asked his favorite activity he will tell you it’s playing, singing and dancing for God. Bylove is one to encourage other kids and he will be the first to help out when needed. Bylove wants to be an engineer when he grows up and he likes studying French. You will most often find Bylove on the playground and playing soccer or basketball. Bylove’s prayer request is that he will be able to finish school.

It is my hope that one of you will find your heart touched by this child and take up a bit of Christ’s work by sponsoring them for an extended period. My wife and I are sponsoring a pair of sisters and I look at it this way – I only gave up a fast-food dinner each day to change the life of a child. Healing Haiti will do the right things for these children and I have full confidence in their work. I am not affiliated with them, they don’t endorse this blog, nothing like that at all. I just love kids (can’t be Santa and not love children) and know that Grace Village is the difference between life and death for many of these children. Please open your heart and prayerfully reflect on the opportunity God’s giving us to sponsor these children. Some of them have come out of slavery and have some of the toughest lives you could imagine prior to Grace Village.

Just click the link and it will take you directly to the page where you can sponsor this week’s child. And if God is particularly good and that child is sponsored when you get there, please grab another smiling face and change their life instead. My goal is to put Sponsorship Sunday out of business as quickly as possible and take that day off each week. Thank you. God bless you for your generosity.

Some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. The hands and feet of Christ.

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