My Readers Got Tears in My French Toast.

I had breakfast this morning with my friends Michael Stoebner, Jeffrey Gacek, and Curt Dixon at the Daily Diner in Frogtown.

A perfectly wonderful piece of my cinnamon roll french toast was almost ruined when you, my readers, provoked a wave of quiet praise and sobbing at my table. And I thank you most heartily for doing so on this very blessed day.

Cinnamon Roll French Toast at the Daily Diner Frogtown

I met Jeff and Michael on a mission trip to Haiti via Healing Haiti. Jeff is one of the founders of the organization. We had breakfast this morning for no real reason at all. Turns out it’s Michael’s birthday so that was a great reason to celebrate.

I asked Jeff if there was a positive impact from Sponsorship Sundays. And that’s when my eyes welled up and I had to stop and pray for a few moments. He told me that you, the amazing readers of this blog, had been sponsoring children at Grace Village Orphanage.

I am profoundly blessed to have such wonderful readers. I love you all and cannot express my gratitude in any sufficient way for your act of love and kindness in sponsoring those children.

I am literally going to go and pray now for all of you. And thank God for the blessing of this platform. You have brought me such joy and hope today with that news.

Bless you all.

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