Doing Some of That There Guest Blogging

Wander on over to Julie Canfield’s blog and take a peak. I have first world problems that need to be explored. And, this officially counts as my Haiti blog for the week.

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Doing Some of That There Guest Blogging — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Joe:

    Instead of directing your readers to someone’s blog site, (you are being lazy) how about commenting on Paula Deen? Take a current event and pontificate!!

    • Danny:

      Wow, nobody has ever requested my pontification before. You, Sir, shall get a full load down the road.

      As to Paula Dean – she’s kind of like Miley Cyrus in my little world: People talk about her, people know her that know me, I’ve spent less than 10 minutes (lifetime) on either one of them.

      So, Miley can hate her dad and prance semi-naked and Paula can cook with butter and tell racially insensitive jokes and neither one will phase me.

      I do forgive and forget on that score. Miley is young and a product of the child-star system. She’s almost bound to be screwed up. I just pray for her to heal and find her own place in this world.

      Paula is the product of her era and her region. I’m not hypocritical enough to say that I’ve never let fly with anything scatological or racial. But I regret it immensely.

      Fortunately my God is a forgiving one. I’m far more disturbed by the double standard in our society. And this one goes all around – it’s okay for me and my group to do something, but not for you and yours.

      I’ve been on the receiving end of that kind of thing as a kid – Irish and Catholic in Minnesota. And I felt the anger and slurs hitting my back in the Navy and in police work.

      But I remember the good stuff about the people I’ve worked and lived with people of all colors and most creeds. Seems friendship and teamwork far outweighed our hues of skin and our faith. It always came down to who’d share your pitcher of beer and your french fries and who wouldn’t. I rather like that standard. Of course now it’s who’d share my pitcher of Diet Coke with Lime and my fries, but I’m a better person for it as well.

      I choose to move forward on the score and not excoriate Paula or Miley. I ask the same forgiveness of everyone else. And I hope I’m always honest enough to grant it to others.

  2. What is with the re-direct to another blog site today? Are you running out of stuff to write about?

    • Nah, plenty left to write about. It’s a courtesy to other bloggers – when I post there, I don’t post here. I throw the link out so that people can see what I wrote on their site. It drives traffic to a friend’s site.

      The benefit is that if my readers like the other site they will go back and read my associate’s work as well. The down side is that my space is a little barren that day. I post way more than most non-professional bloggers so I don’t mind doing that once in a while.

      As to running out – well, I still had to write for the other site, didn’t I?

      I don’t and won’t do it often. And worry not, much more babble to be had right here.