Book Review – Swimming Through Clouds

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I’m going to cheat on this post. I’m going to just quote my review of Swimming Through Clouds as I posted it on Click on the link, go buy the book, and enjoy an excellent read.

Swimming Through Clouds

Rajdeep Paulus is an enjoyable writer with a story to tell to all ages. Her mastery of image and point of view are breathtaking in a new author. Many authors who have written dozens of books would do well to look at this work for its ability to capture the imagination and heart of readers from 12 to 90. It is labeled as YA fiction, yet this 53 year old man enjoyed it immensely.

The character development is spellbinding. You get to know the people bit-by-bit as you would in life. Rajdeep must have paid close attention to her craft after her Junior Year in High School – she’s close to perfection.

My only regret about the book is that it ended too soon. She deprived me of a good night’s sleep by forcing me to read it in one afternoon and evening and at that cost I needed at least two more chapters. I wanted more. I need a sequel, or another set of stories that are as well written and in the same magnificent voice. That’s an author’s goal: leave the reader demanding more from them. She’s met the goal.

If every new author would take the time to craft their book as lovingly we’d all be better off as readers.

Hats off to Rajdeep Paulus for an incredible start to her literary career.

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