I’m Now on Twitter

For those of you without enough social media in your lives, I have another excellent time waster – Follow me on Twitter! My first two followers were amazing authors, Larry W. Timm, and Rajdeep Paulus (Swimming Through Clouds, her first book came out this week.)

In celebration of this milestone, we’ll be holding a contest in the next few days to give an autographed book away from a major public figure (negotiations still in the works.) To be eligible you must be a subscriber (that’s on the right, free and easy to do), follow me on Twitter, or “Like” the Facebook author page. Just click on the links with each word and you will be eligible. And, no, you don’t have to do all three. (But I’d appreciate it. It really helps me when pitching myself and book ideas to the publishing industry and agents.)

I promise not to bombard the twitter feed after we get the word out. I’m having excellent luck with the Facebook Author Like business this week, and your spreading the word about this blog by subscribing, following the Twitter feed, and liking the Facebook author page are key components in getting me launched into the publishing world.

You can write books, you can write books well, you can have a potential best-seller, but if the fan base isn’t there in social media you will go nowhere. This blog is an amazing platform. My readers are the best bunch around + 20,000 of you come by each month to read. If even 1/2 of you did the three social media things for me – well, I’d be on the road to published status.

Please take a minute. I’ll be announcing the name of the book and the Author (it really is a Famous person… hint, hint, hint) on Monday. But you have to be a subscriber, a Twitter follower, or a Facebook “liker” to be eligible.

Many thanks in advance. (I’m even throwing in a couple of bottles of honey to “sweeten” the deal (groaning is authorized.))

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