Another one – wait, make that two- bite the dust.

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I have a blog for two reasons:

1. Everyone at my first writers’ convention said you need a blog to grow an audience.
2. I own the keys and can spout off here without making everyone on Facebook completely crazy.

That second one is the topic of my post today. I have two friends, both decent enough people, who are complete jerks on Facebook. I say that in the most kind, loving, non-judging, Christian manner that I can muster. Both.Are.Jerks. As a result I’m going to have to put them in a box and not allow any of their posts to filter into my timeline. It’s a shame, both are bright people and I will miss the occasional bon-mot they chuck out there as well as keeping up on their lives. But they’ve given me cause.

One of them is evidently obligated to spend 16 hours per day looking for articles on Slate to link to that prove all conservatives, Christians, and people with anything in common with me have sub-normal I.Q. levels, worship at the shrine of intolerance, and like to kick puppies.

The other has a couple of good causes but posts about them 4-10 times a day. Each post is slightly more whiny and insulting than the last – see above. I’ve found you almost never sway people to take up your cause by telling them that they are bigoted morons for not seeing it your way right out of the gate. And then repeating the message 7 times in a row with varying themes.

I want to read Facebook posts about their impending vacation, the book they just read, the birth of a child, a picture of the hubby finishing a 10k race, etc. I don’t want to be bashed in the mean-spirited manner that so many people use with almost every post. That’s what blogs are for – and you can do it for free on some blogs. Heck, even this here pre-eem-ium blog only costs a few bucks a month to host over at

Sadly these two join three previous victims. They all fell off my radar when the ranting reached blog levels. Civility was lost.
I have enough stress in my life without having it delivered into my browser.

Are you posting trash like that on Facebook every day? Do you think you’re winning a moral victory by doing so? And if you are, will you consider stopping right this instant before you alienate more of your friends?

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