Inside Combat Rescue – television worth watching.

My wife and I just finished watching Inside Combat Rescue‘s season finale. I can honestly say that I’ve rarely watched anything remotely as disturbing, wonderful, awe-inspiring, touching, beautiful, frightening, and courageous as this series.

photo courtesy of National Geographic Channel

The series tells the story of the PJ’s (Air Force Pararescuemen.) For those of you not familiar with these heroes, they’re a cross between Special Forces & advanced trauma paramedics. The best of the best in the medical rescue business, they are also serious butt-kickers. They are the guys who go in for downed aircrew members and consequently they are skilled fighters.

I won’t try to tell the tale. But be forewarned that the “This show contains disturbing images” warning is valid. The show takes you right to the edge of death with the patients they treat. Amputations, massive trauma, head wounds – all the stuff combat brings. Most importantly it shows these guys in action saving lives.

I’ve know about the PJ’s for years, but this inside look was truly shattering. It makes me extraordinarily proud to be a member of the same species. I know this blog is naval-centric, but these Air Force members are worthy of a salute from all of us.

If you get a chance to watch it (and it looks like it’s going to be shown again right away) and you have the stomach to deal with medical trauma please do so. I honestly can’t say I’ve seen better television in my life.


Inside Combat Rescue – television worth watching. — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds like great history, but it’s probably just as well I don’t get National Geographic Channel because it might be a tad intense for me. Thanks for the heads up about it though. There must be other avenues to learn about PJ’s.