Sheepdog update.

Woof. I say again, Woof.

Stormy has been with us for 1 month this week. In that time we’ve made remarkable progress. A family is coming together.


How do you tell when a family forms?  When you are all in the kitchen together doing the dishes. The dogs are just watching, I’m on the floor rubbing noses and my wife is doing the dishes (she likes to do dishes. Won’t let me near them. Honest.)

This morning was an early one. I’m still fighting off an extended asthma attack and didn’t sleep well. That constant coughing makes the snooze a problem. But that didn’t matter at 07:30 when it was time to get up. Stormy came to my bedroom door and issued a sharp bark to remind me that I had duties. It’s my fault, I’m home by 07:30 every day I work and there’s no legitimate reason her schedule should change just because I’m on my days off. (Or, so I imagine, the canine logic goes.)

She spent last night racing around the living room before we went to bed. Just a jubilant little dog jumping on the couch and racing around with a grin on her face. And then she stopped for some love. A month ago that was impossible.

All things considered it’s been a smooth transition. She’s got quirks, we’ve got quirks. Nothing toxic in the deal. Just fun to observe. I’ll try to get video of them to share.

She’s put on some weight due to the bribery but that’s tapering off, and I’m sure the weight will follow. Just a pound or two but they will be gone with the snow.

So, good news. Happy news. Family news.

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