First things first.

Sorry for the lack of posting Monday. Something about a blizzard, a broken snowblower and less than 6 hours of sleep.

Purple? Yup. Vikings, Skol!

Let’s get right to it: I’ve only had one entry in the contest for the used sheets and the fruitcake. You people … well, only 3 days left to get those entries in the works. So, head up to the right, subscribe and then send me a comment as to why you are worthy. Or, conversely, so miserable and wretched that you need to be punished with the sheets of doom.

On a happier note, I’d like to talk about the picture above.

Monday was the annual Vikings team party. I have been blessed to be their Santa for many years. And I am probably the only Santa in these parts with two purple Santa suits. I sign a confidentiality agreement with the team in order to do the event, and that’s why it’s just me in the sleigh – no pictures of me with any of the participants can be used outside of the venue.

I’m fine with that. It would really stink if someone in my position started selling off those pictures to the tabloids. The players and management deserve a night with their families and friends without the press peering through the keyhole. I don’t think the team will mind if I say the following about the party: The players, their wives and girlfriends, their children, mothers, team employees, and assorted friends of the team treat me with great respect and kindness. I have a great time at the party. They are nice people and I am truly blessed to be there with them. They are as much a part of my Christmas as I am of theirs.

But there was someone there tonight who wasn’t in Viking Purple. Nor was he wearing a comfy sweater or a suit. He was wearing a green outfit that had three chevrons on the breast plate. I was asked to hold a picture of this Sergeant while his wife and mom sat with me for a picture. He’s overseas (I won’t break OPSEC and say his name or where he is for obvious reasons) and his family misses him greatly. I was touched that they asked Santa to hold the picture. I was honored to be a part of that moment. I took time to pray for his safe return once they had gone to do other things.

And twenty minutes later they were back to get their picture and to let me know that Sergeant beloved son/husband had just called from “there.” It was a nice touch to my evening. I continue to pray for him right now.

I pray at all my events. I do it quietly over each child and every family that comes to see me. That includes pretty girls and guys that look like me. All of us could use some of God’s love.

Sometimes I can sense that one of those people who’ve come to see me is troubled. I ask if there is something they want for Christmas. Often they answer with something like, “Just to have a good year, Santa.” I almost always ask if I could pray with and for them. And the response is always yes.

In all the years I’ve asked that question not one person has turned down my offer. They know, as do I, that God is listening and wants to help. We (you and I) are in a position to do that for everyone we meet. Think about what I do: almost everyone I pray for is a “stranger” to me. Yet they are all His children. I’m ready to let that love use me as a conduit. And I do.

It’s usually a simple prayer. Something from the heart. I do that as well when I’m answering the phone at KTIS for a fund drive. Or when I meet someone on the next stool at Mickey’s that needs some encouragement. And it is a moment I need as much as the person I pray for at that time. I need the prayer. I need that Grace He offers.

Are you missing out on opportunities to pray for others? Will you take that challenge and try to bring a bit of God’s love to your brother’s and sisters tomorrow? If nothing else, pray for me. Santa needs it too.

And right now I’m going to pray for all of my readers. Especially the ones who need some sheets and fruitcake. They are especially in need of help and love.


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  1. Sheets! Or, wait a second… am I the other one who’s entered this contest? I never win anything so maybe my chances are REALLY good?

    I ADORE that you pray over each child who sits in your lap. You are so kind hearted that way and I love it.