The traditional Thanksgiving Guacamole is ready.

Thanksgiving is gone, Santa kicks it into high gear tomorrow. But the day just passed needs to be discussed a bit. First, the guacamole:


My wife and I have done a lot of things over the years to celebrate Thanksgiving. One of the best is being welcomed into the homes of our friends Bob and Pat. We’ve spent the last two years with them and their families eating turkey and all the trimmings. But more than the food is the fact that we’ve been accepted into their lives for a special day. And, lest I forget, Christmas as well.

Friends like this surpass any expectations I had as a youth. They remind me that kindness and grace come in all political and economic stripes. They are Godly people with good hearts and I love them dearly.

So, before even the first day of the “new year” for giving thanks has come and gone, I have the first item on my list to be thankful for – Thanksgiving with the Kohl family.

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